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Step one: Inner body bright, spring detox 2023

Drink up!

If you are thinking of making a few lifestyle changes that will increase your own radiance this year, to bring you more health, more energy, more bliss, the next month will provide a weekly dose of detox that can help you to sync better with natures rhythm.

The number one goal for us as we start to focus on detoxification is to ensure proper elimination. Yes, I am talking about poop. If our bowels are not emptying, any attempts we make at detoxification are moot. If toxins are carried into the intestine by way of bile from the liver, and they sit there for several days, chances are at least some, of not most of them, will be re-absorbed.

The first step in your radiance plan is to ensure that you are drinking plenty of water. Our bodies do not metabolize properly without water, things do not move, they get sluggish. A general easy to remember rule for most adults is 8x8, 8 glasses of 8oz of water (just under 2 litres). A more specific formula is to drink the same number of oz, as your body weight in kg. For example a 160 lb person weighs 73kg, they should be drinking 73 ounces ( just over 2 litres) of water daily, plus an extra litre per hour of intense exercise.

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