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STEP THREE: Inner Body Bright, Detoxify in 2023!

Adding plenty of water and extra fiber to your daily intake should be helping with " smoother" elimination. The third step towards basic bowel detoxification is adding a daily dose of probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria from fermented foods that lend benefit to human health. One of the benefits probiotics provide is helping with bowel regularity. I have seen many cases of patients with "IBS" have their symptoms resolve once probiotics are introduced. If dairy products pose no threat to your bowel health and function yogurt is probably the easiest way to have daily beneficial bacteria. All yogurt should have active culture so do not be fooled into thinking you need one specific yogurt brand. Different brands do use different strain so rotate between them, and repeat one more often if it seems more beneficial to you.

If dairy is not an option choose another healthy fermented food like kimchee, kombucha, plant based yoghurt, miso, or raw sauerkraut or take a probiotic supplement that is labelled dairy free.

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